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9.Yangmila : We don’t have to be rich to be Generous

From Diphu

Yangmila’s Generosity Story

Hi,Am Yangmila!!

Thank you Kevin for giving me this opportunity to share my story.


In 2018, God revealed to us through a vision that He had plans for us in a faraway place where the light of Christianity and education were yet to reach. Though we had no savings, no solid plans, no certainty for the future, God’s grace emboldened us to uproot our lives in Imphal and move to a remote part of Assam called Jorlep Teron, in Dec ’18.

With the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission and to provide the locals accessible education, we founded the “Beautiful Gates Academy” with a meagre sum of Rs 80,000 (1080 USD). In the space of three months, we built three makeshift bamboo buildings which would house the 4 classrooms and 3 dorms. In Feb 2019, the school was inaugurated with a total of 27 students and 6 teachers. We strove to create an environment conducive to not just their intellectual, but also spiritual and moral growth by introducing vespers, praise and worship sessions etc.

We suffered financial setbacks as most of the parents, being farmers and laborers, could not pay for education but God never forsakes His children and He showed this to us in many ways.

In March 2019, we received financial aid from friends which funded the construction of a small chapel, something we hadn’t thought would be possible at the time. But God answered our prayers, He was steps ahead of us and He steered us in the direction He wanted us to go.

A kind widow, delivered by God from an unknown illness through prayer, started donating 1000Rs (13 USD) every month as thanksgiving. I was really moved by her spirit of generosity which is reminiscent of the biblical widow who gave her two copper coins wholeheartedly.

We also received some pre-loved clothes from our relatives which we were able to distribute to the less-privileged students along with some school uniform kits.

To say 2020 has been eventful would be a huge understatement, from Covid-19 and the implementation of lockdown, to surviving another cyclone in May (one in April 2019) which demolished some houses in the region including our school building. Yet I have never been more aware of God’s presence in my life than I am now. In this time of adversity, when we most lacked the means, He used us to provide food supplies like rice, potatoes, lentils and salt to four villages whose people were in dire need. God continues to use us to show that He is at work, He is the silver lining we must hold on to through cloudy days.

“Bumper crops are God’s specialties, so we have nothing to stop us from dropping maximum seed.”

We don’t have to be rich to be generous, we do do not get poorer by giving. Every time a person gives cheerfully, God multiplies and replenishes and of that, I am a living witness. Praise be to God!

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