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17 Vinay : Miracle Support for Village Pastors

From Secunderabad, Telangana

Vinay’s Generosity Story

Hi, I’m Vinay!!

We as a family obeyed the persistent call to enter into full-time ministry in 2016. We made a decision not to ask anyone for financial support while doing ministry. God, through His glorious riches, has been providing all our needs. We are prompted by the Holy Spirit to support a few village Pastors every month.

From all that we received as offerings, we began supporting a couple of village Pastors. We have seen God’s amazing provision in every area of our lives. It’s like a cup overflowing. Praise God!

Vinay – Secunderabad, Telangana, India is a collaboration of and

Generosity of God are incredible, heartwarming stories of miracles, goodness, kindness, and generosity. Each story is an example of modern day miracles of Jesus just like when Jesus fed the multitude. Whether a Christmas miracle, kindness project, or random act of kindness these are all stories of miracles from heaven. Are you a generous person? Will you accept the kindness challenge by doing a kindness project? We all love kind people who inspire kindness. These encouraging stories encourage us to be kind. As kind people, we should all use our power, riches, and wealth to love God and people. It’s time to return to love. Share your story today!

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