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43.Rosme : Favour from unknown person

From jejusi
South Korea

Rosme’s Generosity Story

Hi, Am Rosme !!

I am currently studying at Cheju Halla University. Yesterday was my college day and it was going good and after finishing college I want to go home directly but I lost my bus card and I don’t even know that after getting on the bus I am searching desperately but I couldn’t find it neither I my cards nor my other card as well the bus driver was continuously asking me for money and I fell so much embarrassed.

At that time one kind lady pay my bus amount about 1.5 dollars and she gave me her bus card I was so surprised and thankful studying aboard is hard but the sometimes small act of kindness makes me believe that there are so many good people around global.

Thank you God for sending such a kind lady to help whoever she is I am really grateful for what you did for me thank you so much !!

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