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7.Ps Manoj & Priya : Obeying God’s call

From Navi Mumbai

Ps.Manoj’s Generosity Story

Responding to God’s call in June 2002, to be pioneer of RAYS OF HOPE, as a holistic mission, Ps Manoj began the journey of trusting the Lord…

The first test of faith was obeying the Lord’s voice “EMPTY YOUR BANK ACCOUNT” and sow it into a Bible School in South India (i.e. Rs 8000, the only last money I’d, saved little by little from very meager income between 1994-2002). Praise God, I obeyed it and that opened up the door for the RAYS OF HOPE to began…

…kept serving the Lord in obedience amidst hunger, fasting, ashamed before own family, walking everywhere, without any finances, without any surity for future…

…seeing the plight of the destitute children searching food in the roadside garbage, the Lord birthed the vision to begin ASHALAYA (House of HOPE)! …with only Rs 933/$13 in hand, it was started on 7th July 2006… from its inception in a rented small room, today has its own independent building… the Lord has proved His faithful provision throughout… more than 135 children so far have been blessed through the holistic care…

After prayerfully awaiting for 10 long yrs, finally myself & Priya were to marry on 8th December 2007… the last 4yrs, we’d been jointly saving finances towards our wedding, it was Rs 28000… here in the month of October’07, as the answer to our prayers for the transformation of the red light slum community, the Lord spoke to begin the *HOPE Centre*… we needed a place to hire but the ministry had no money to pay the security deposit (Rs 30000) and rent… I was praying, Priya called up and encouraged me to sow our savings for the wedding… just 45 days before our wedding, we sowed all we had (the Lord wonderfully provided for every single expenses of our wedding, we needed not to take any loan)… since 15th Oct’07, the HOPE Centre is serving hundreds of children and women every single day, now it owns the same location and is soon to be redeveloped as a beautiful building…

In late 2006, the Lord showed the vision of building the City OF HOPE, as a place of refuge for the destitute… being impregnated with this vision, we kept praying and following God’s direction… had no clue of how we’ll be able to purchase 30 acres of land… today, the Lord in His divine providence, has blessed us with land in Khalapar (MH, India), donated by a non-Christian person… we keep trusting the Lord and continue to pray for the provisions for the fulfillment of the City of HOPE, meanwhile reaching out to the poor tribals with community development initiatives to share the love of Christ…

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, the Lord protected, provided and sustained us at a rented farmhouse in Khalapar… but as we saw and prayed about the plight of the tribals in the vicinity, the Lord spoke “GIVE YE THEM TO EAT”… we began sharing whatever we had… and the Lord kept providing supernaturally… by God’s grace we distributed about 10000+ kgs of FOOD SUPPLY KITS…

Right now, as you read our story… my wife Priya has undergone a very major surgery for removal of intestinal tumour and undergoing Chemotherapy treatment for Colon Cancer… I was broken and shattered, but even in the midst of such a health crisis, Priya encouraged me to rise up and get back to serving the Lord, by completing the distribution of FOOD SUPPLY KITS to the Victims of Human Trafficking (she had initiated the preparation for it before becoming seriously ill)… we distributed FOOD SUPPLY KITS to about 500 women… I’m grateful to the Lord for Priya’s generous heart…

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