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18.Hunter: God cares & provides enough

From Birmingham,AL
United States

Hunter’s Generosity Story

Hi,Am Hunter!!

God has continuously provided for me when I thought there was no way I’d make it. My freshman year of college I was trying to balance a really packed school schedule and work a small part-time job.  Going out to eat with friends was out of the question and even getting gas was questionable. I remember seeing $5 in my account and thinking, that was a lot of money! Freshman year of college was the year that the Lord really started to show me His desire to provide. My favorite moment of that year was when I was going to church and realized I might not have enough gas to get home. I had less than a dollar in my bank account and I couldn’t logically figure out how I’d make it home. I didn’t know what else to do so I just prayed and asked God for help. That same hour a friend Venmo’d me, out of the blue, enough to get me home. That has always stuck with me. It may seem like a small story to some people, but that was a transformative experience for me. That moment helped me realize there is not a situation too small for God to care about.

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