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1.Bishop Chris in Malawi : Feeding the poor and Transforming lives

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Bishop Chris’s Generosity Story

I am Bishop Chris Kapito and I live in Malawi (southeastern Africa). I was born in 1977 and am the third born to a family of six children. I am married with four kids. In 2013 I started giving to the poor in my community especially the orphans. At the time I had less than $50 – which I shared with over 40 people.

In 2014 I started the community-based child care on my own, caring for 40 children. I used to provide porridge. My wife used to fetch firewood to ensure that the children are going back their respective homes after being provided with food.

The center started receiving many children. Eventually, the center had 200 kids. Another organization helped us to construct a facility with funds amounting to 10,000 euros.

God called me to expand the center by reaching other children 2kms away. I started caring for 32 kids there. Each day, every child was being provided a plate of porridge. I constructed a grass-thatched shelter where children were meeting, and by Gods grace another charity came in who constructed the center which is now accommodating 100 children as well.

In 2016 I started a ministry with my wife where our main aim was to provide Christmas gifts like food and clothes. We started with 90 children who would otherwise not have any gift. This really gave them the biggest smiles for Christmas!

In 2017 we supported 160 children and we also had a Christmas party where we shared the joy of Christmas .

Through the grace of God, another charity came in 2018 and helped us reach out to 40,000 kids. Just imagine: we started with 90, but from the very little which we shared, God multiplies it and we reached out to 40,000 kids with assorted Christmas gifts from Team Hope Ireland!

Covid19 came and it really has created great hunger in our area. In May, my wife and I started feeding the needy and we only managed to feed 30 of the poorest in our community .

In the month of June, thanks to another generous donation, we moved from feeding 30 and now we fed 150 poor of the poorest.

I have seen God transforming lives and people have seen the love of God through generosity!

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