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4.Pastor Rambabu : Whatever You Give to Them, You Give to Me

From Nellore

Pastor Rambabu’s Generosity Story

Hi, Am Rambabu and am in ministry in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Greetings to you in the name of Lord Jesus Christ !!

“Whatever You Give to Them, You Give to Me” – by D. Rambabu

I have a heart for the poor. Our church currently gathers in a rented home, and I have been saving money to buy a church building. One day, while I was leading a prayer meeting, a man came to the meeting and asked us to prayer for his wife who was suffering from severe stomach pain. The doctors had recommended she get a hysterectomy as they thought it may be cancer. The man and his wife had no money for the surgery. I told him we would pray and God will give an answer. After the prayer meeting ending he came to me in tears. I shared the word of God and prayed for his wife. He went on his way. I didn’t think much of it, as I had no funds to give him. At 5AM, I began hearing God telling me to give this man the money that God had given me. I didn’t understand what money I had; but God reminded me about the money that I was saving to buy a small place for a church building. I heard God say, “Whatever you give to them, you have given it to me”.

At that time, I had 25,000rs saved. I took the money, went to his home, and told him God told me to give you this money. The man went to the hospital and paid 25,000rs for the operation. The operation was successful. Previously, this couple was Hindi. After they came from hospital, the whole family Received Jesus Christ as their savior. Everyone was baptized and has attended our church every since. Since Covid-19 started, I have been able to bless that family with rice and other basic necessities and they are doing very well!

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