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39.Sanal : The Dream & Healing from Covid 19

From Palakad

Sanal’s Generosity Story

I am Sanal K John from palakkad district in Kerala. At present I am working at Muzaffarpur in Bihar.
On April 22 I and my wife ,my daughter Amy (7yrs) and my son Erick (18 months ) were traveling from kolkata to muzaffarpur by train,after reaching home I found that I am having sneezing and throat ache.

After four days I was asked by one of my friend to have a covid 19 test.
I had a dream at that same night.In the dream I saw that I tested positive also I am crossing a river with troubled water but I crossed it without any difficulties.

Next day we went to the PHC( hospital ) for covid test and we all were tested covid positive.
I was very worried about my son Erick who is 18 months old. the two weeks we were at home and taking medicine as doctor prescribed for us, also many people prayed for us from different places.

God healed my son and daughter .within two days they were almost alright.
We were bed ridden not even one day and the place we live is very far from our home town therefore there was no one for to help us by his grace we were able to cook ourselves and do all the work in our home .

Now we 4 of us tested negative .

The dream gave us a positive energy to face the pandemic and so many people prayed for us the same time we have gone through all medication. I am thankful to everyone who prayed for us and if anyone struggling with this terrific pandemic you should not be afraid of ,face it positively.

Our almighty Lord is with us.

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