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23.Samuel : Started with 20 – Now feeding 600 daily

From Hyderabad

Samuel & Priya’s Generosity FOOD Story

“FOOD” Feeding Orphans Oppressed and Destitute

Hi, Am Samuel !!
It was 2017 when me and my wife Priya asked GOD for a final confirmation for his call to full-time ministry. GOD directly spoke through HIS WORD in Genesis 50:21 ” I will provide for you and your children.” Responding to this FOOD ministry was intensified. What started as serving 20 free meals every month to the homeless, orphaned, oppressed, wandering destitute and addicted teenagers intensified to serving more than 600 of these people delicious breakfast every day morning in Hyderabad. When we realized God’s call, we first stared giving from our savings, then sold our gold ,then sold our laptops and cars too. We praise God for giving us such faith to trust in HIM and Obey HIM.

During the lockdown alone more than 300,000 meals were served. By the Grace of God today apart from breakfast, we distribute medicines, clothes, footwear, blanket’s, personal hygiene kits, toys, and monthly grocery kits to the needy every day. We had to sell most of our belongings to serve the least of these, however the GOD’s Generosity has invited our brother’s, family and friends to shoulder and shadow this ministry.

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