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28.Karuna : Widow with Strong Faith

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Karuna’s Generosity Story

Hi , I am Karuna !!

I accepted the Lord in 2004 and married a Godly man in 2009. He was pastoring a church and, by the Grace of God, there was tremendous growth. We were also blessed with two wonderful sons.

Unfortunately, I lost my husband in 2017. All my dreams were shattered and I felt so lost. All the dreams and plans that we had to build God’s kingdom and our family collapsed.

That was the start of many challenges. Soon, I started encountering different kinds of challenges from the people around. They began encouraging me to stop the ministry that we had already established. I was told I couldn’t handle it alone, must less with two kids. People also suggested that I move out of our current home, get married, and settle down again. It was kind of a life and death battle for me. But I chose to trust in the Lord.

All day I used to hear what the people were saying and at night, I would kneel down next to my cot and cry out to my Heavenly father for peace and guidance in the midst of these storms. Every night I fought with the Lord about my son’s and for my future decisions.

Though I had lost my husband and felt crushed deep inside, God did not leave me alone. There wasn’t one day that God let me and my kids to bed with empty stomach. My pantry is consistently filled with enough to feed others. God helped me find favor in the eyes of my friends who are helping me with my children’s education. God enabled me to remain in ministry when I cried unto him.

I can go on and on sharing about God’s Generosity of Love and Mercy in my life. I wouldn’t have survived if God’s hand did not help me thus far. I give God all the Glory!!

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