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27.Monica: God Used Non-Believer to Give a Christmas Miracle

From solapur

Monica’s Generosity Story

Hi, am Monica Shinde. I am from Maharashtra, Sholapur.

I would like to share a testimony with you all about how God provided when we were serving Him as teenage girls.

In 2004, I was in Kolhapur for ministry along with a few other girls and I was a team leader for the evangelism team. In December, we as team decided to plan a Christmas program for the people whom we had shared the Gospel with, as well as the believers who were helping us in the ministry. However, we did not have any funds and there were over 100 people that would be attending. We continued to pray and plan and as a team. During this time, we went to an area nearby to distribute gospel tracks and sell Christian books as part of our evangelism.

As we were walking on the road, we met one man who was the wood merchant as well as a hotel owner. We handed him a gospel track and shared what we were doing. As he was willing to listen to us, we took the opportunity to share the gospel. After sharing, we invited him to the Christmas program that we were planning. He accepted our invitation and promised to help in any way he could.

This man was faithful to his promise. He sent a chef to cook food on Christmas program for more than 100 people free of cost and he even gave us wood: free of cost. He also invited us in his hotel and gave us a delicious treat. Because of his great help, we celebrated Christmas with a beautiful program. Glory To God!

And it was only God alone that took care of all our needs and provided every thing generously through a non- believer. When we trust God for little things for He is always there, ready to help, provide, and take care of us!

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