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20.Joshua: Blessed by God’s Generosity

From Giddaluru, Andhra Pradesh

Joshua’s Generosity Story

Hi, Am Joshua!!

This had happened during lockdown. Usually when someone is in need in the church we try to announce and collect some amount and help particular person. But in the year 2020, because of lockdown, every member in the church was going through hard times.

Once, a person called me saying there is a medical emergency and they needed some help. I really wanted to help but I had only 500 rupees in hand. I prayed and was worried about it. Sometime later, a person came up to me who borrowed from me very long time ago, gave 5000 rupees and went off. I have not asked him for it. It was a miracle. Soon after receiving the amount, I went to the person who asked me for medical help in the earlier and gave that amount to her.

After sometime another family reached out to us saying they were in an accident and were in the need of finances immediately. From our side we tried collecting around 50000 rupees and gave them. Later on we passed this message to different people. They helped them get help from Govt which ended up covering his entire medical expenses.

This has opened tremendous doors to feed hundreds of poor during the lockdown. The local political leader came and gave us groceries to distribute it to poor in the church. It was around 200 grocery packets. By God’s grace even after that we have distributed groceries 5 times to 200 poor families.

After distributing groceries, God opened even more doors and poured blessings on the church. Someone came forward and helped to build the church floor – worth of 5lakhs rupees. Another person came forward and helped to build a Sunday school room which was about 4lakhs rupees. God provided a generator for the church, which is worth of 4lakhs rupees and helped me to clear my credit card bill just within a month which was almost 1lakh.

God has been so generous over our lives and church. We as a family and church are grateful to God for His merciful hand in difficult times!!

-Joshua, Giddaluru, Andhra Pradesh – India is a collaboration of and

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