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26.Santhosh Senapathi : God Opened doors in 20 Villages

From Dist-kalahandi

Santhosh Senapathi’s Generosity Story

Hi, I am Santhosh

I am from Odisha, India. I was born in a Christian family and we were poor. I am a semi-orphan because my father passed away in 1993 when I was in the 6th class. My mother was really sad, weeping day and night, remembering the loss we had in family. I use to have sleepless nights for the same reason – I missed my dad. I was broken inside and was experiencing loneness most of the time. At that time, I had not accepted the Lord as my personal savior.

We were living in the house that was built with mud and, because of the heavy rain, our house got collapsed. One of my uncles gave us some shelter for a couple of days and later the government provided us a small house and we moved there. Though I did not accept Christ as my personal savior, I was going to the Church.

One fine day, God’s word changed my heart. As the pastor was preaching, I accepted the Lord as my savior. After that I realized God’s call and went to Bible college for theological studies. God gave me a vision to plant churches. God enlarged the ministry and opened doors for me to visit surrounding 20 villages regularly.

After I got married, we couldn’t have a child for really long time. A friend once suggested that we see a doctor, but we chose to trust in the Lord. The Lord honored our faith and blessed us with a beautiful baby girl.

We are a family serving the Lord in different villages. We conduct in-home prayer meetings, open-air meetings, pray for sick, and lead people to Christ. He has been faithful in providing for all of our needs as we choose to trust in Him!

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