43.Rosme : Favour from unknown person


Rosme’s Generosity Story Hi, Am Rosme !! I am currently studying at Cheju Halla University. Yesterday was my college day and it was going good and after finishing college I want to go home directly but I lost my bus card and I don’t even know that after getting on the bus I am searching […]

42.Suresh Bob : Undeserved Favour In pandemic times


Suresh’s Generosity Story Hello, I am Suresh from India !! Just like everyone else we were also victims of Covid 19. Due to pandemic we have not been paid for several months. Everything was in pending. House rent, loans,EMI’S ,medical bills etc. My wife was carrying and my parents were covid positive. Looks like every […]

41.Nemai : Saved from Darkness into Light


Nemai’s Generosity Story Hello, I am Nemai !! I received Jesus Christ from Hindu background after receiving Christ I had suffered a lot and persecuted by my family, relatives and leaders because my father and my elder brother are big Hindu leaders in our area, They out me from family. But I was  strongly praying and still […]

40. Joshua Daniel : Left over then – 1 of the 100 inspiring Indian now

Joshua Daniel

HelloThis is about Brother Joshua Daniel from India !! To begin with he lived a destitute life in my childhood so he came up with a thought that “I am only one, but I am one”. We cannot do everything, but we can do something.So had started an elemental approach, the first step to join […]

39.Sanal : The Dream & Healing from Covid 19


Sanal’s Generosity Story I am Sanal K John from palakkad district in Kerala. At present I am working at Muzaffarpur in Bihar. On April 22 I and my wife ,my daughter Amy (7yrs) and my son Erick (18 months ) were traveling from kolkata to muzaffarpur by train,after reaching home I found that I am […]

38. Raja – Little generosity – Great Blessings


Raja’s Generosity Story Hi there this is Raja, I was born and brought up in Christian family and my parents were very particular in prayers and faith and raised me in the same way. I would like to share an experience which happened to me in recent times. I knew a Man (Kishore) who was […]

37.Roland : proclaim freedom to the captives


Ps.Rolands Generosity Story Pastor Idohou Roland was born in South Benin to a family of four children. He started his ministry at the age of 23 in Cotonou, serving 5 years as a translator for Divine Grace Ministry. Upon graduating from Living Word Bible School, he moved to Akpakpa where he was trained and ordained […]

35.Blandeena : Generous love of God towards widow


Blandeena’s Generosity Story Hi, Am Blandeena from India !! Greetings to all in the Most Highly Exalted name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am Blandeena from India doing church ministry in rural interior villages. In April of 2015, my husband was in an accident and passed away. At that time, I was […]

34.Joel : By faith Reaped Generously

Joel’s Generosity Story HI, Am Joel from India!!I have accepted the Lord from non-Christian background. I have lost my parents when I was very young but God in His mercy saved me and am saved. One fine Sunday I went to church with only 50 rupees in my pocket. When it was the time of […]

33.Ps.Paul : Gospel meetings started by faith


Paul’s Generosity story Hi,Am Paul !! I am pastoring a small church in nizamabad district- India. I am born handicapped but that never stopped me from serving the LORD and Worshipping Him. God blessed me with Godly wife and 3 sons. Few years ago I heard Holy Spirit telling me to conduct a gospel prayer […]